PanopticStudio 3D PointCloud Dataset
by 10 Synchronized RGB+D Sensors

Hanbyul Joo, Tomas Simon, and Yaser Sheikh

An example sequence (160906_pizza1)


Data Summary (For Each Seqeunce)

Data Description

Dataset ver.1 (2018 May)

  • Currently 54 sequences (6 hours) are available
  • See the list of sequences here
  • Use this script to download all data in this version.

    Example Sequences

    A "SocialGame" Sequence: 160422_haggling1

    A "Range of Motion" Sequence: 171026_pose1

    A "Toddler" Sequence: 160906_ian1

    A "Toddler" Sequence: 160401_ian1

    A "Musical Instrument" Sequence: 171026_cello2

    An "Office" Sequence: 170407_office2

    A "Musical Instrument" Sequence: 161029_flute1


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