Sequence Information
Duration (MM:SS):
VGA cameras:
HD cameras:
Kinect cameras:
Example Views (with audio)
Example Views
3D Viewer
  • You can manipulate the 3D viewer using the following controls

    View Change: MouseLeftClick + Move
    Zoom Change: : Shift + MouseScroll Up/Down
    Frames: : Use the controller on the right
  • Use the script in the PanopticStudio Toolbox to download all the available data of the 150406_drum6 sequence

    ./ 150406_drum6
  • Refer to the Documentation and the PanopticStudio Toolbox on GitHub
  • The following table shows currently available data of 150406_drum6 sequence

  • Calibration Data (VGAs + HDs + Kinects) Available
    VGA (480 videos.compressed using crf 10) Available
    HD (24 videos, compressed using crf 20) Available
    Time alignment between HD and VGA Not available yet
    3D Pose (compatible to VGA frame index, by per-frame reconstruction) Available
    3D Pose (compatible to HD frame index) Not available yet
    Kinect RGB-D (10 views) Not available yet
    Point Cloud Not available yet
    3D Face Not available yet
  • We would like to thank drummer Chris Meszler and Jesse Stiles for letting us capture and publish this data
  • This data must be used for academic purposes only. By using the dataset, you agree to cite the following paper

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