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Massively Multiview System

  • 480 VGA camera views
  • 30+ HD views
  • 10 RGB-D sensors
  • Hardware-based sync
  • Calibration

Interesting Scenes with Labels

  • Multiple people
  • Socially interacting groups
  • 3D body pose
  • 3D facial landmarks
  • Transcripts + speaker ID

What's New

Sep. 2016 The CMU PanopticStudio Dataset is now publicly released.
Currently, 480 VGA videos, 31 HD videos, 3D body pose, and calibration data are available.
Dense point cloud (from 10 Kinects) and 3D face reconstruction will be available soon.
Please contact Hanbyul Joo and Tomas Simon for any issue of our dataset.
Sep. 2016 The PanopticStudio Toolbox is available on GitHub.
Aug. 2016 Our dataset website is open. Dataset and tools will be available soon.

Dataset Examples

Example Results

System Description

We keep upgrading our system. Currently our system has the following hardware setup:

The following figure shows the dimension of our system.
Dome Figures


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This research is supported by the National Science Foundation under Grants No. 1353120 and 1029679, and in part using an ONR grant 11628301.